Spanish Digital Nomad Visa - is it right for you ?

17th April 2024
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Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

To be eligible for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa, you will have to prove that you have sufficient economic resources to support yourself and any family members accompanying you during your period of residence in the national territory.

Here are the minimum Spanish DNV income requirements for 2024:

Primary applicant: 200% of the monthly minimum wage in Spain (SMI) – so €2,650+ in 2024.
Spouse: 75% of the monthly minimum wage in Spain (SMI).
Additional dependents (children, financial dependent elderly parents, etc.): 25% of the monthly minimum wage in Spain (SMI).
These amounts can be evidenced by an employment or freelancer contract, payroll statements, a certificate from the company that is moving the employee, etc. Importantly, you cannot derive more than 20% of your total income from a client in Spain. You can use the below table for ease of reference:
Monthly salary or income 2024                                  Total annual salary or income 2024
Primar y    €2,650+                                                                                         €31,800
Spouse       €1,978.50+                                                                                   €23,850 
Additional dependents (e.g. kids)            €662.50+                                        €7,950 

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