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Buyers Guide To The Process Of Purchasing A Property In Andalucia

Discover all the essential information you need for purchasing a country property in Andalusia within the ANDALUCIA COUNTRY HOUSES  Buyer’s Guide. This guide simplifies the buying process into 6 straightforward steps.

Step 1: Negotiation | Upon finding your ideal property, negotiations commence. Andalucia Country Houses  provides expert assistance throughout this phase, ensuring a smooth process for both parties. We facilitate negotiations and outline roles, including the involvement of legal representation. Should you require a lawyer, we can recommend one from our trusted network with extensive experience in Andalusian properties.

Step 2: Reservation Contract | The reservation contract solidifies agreed-upon sales conditions, such as purchase price and inclusion of furnishings. A reservation deposit is paid to secure the property for a set period, during which legal and technical assessments occur. If any issues arise, the deposit is refunded.

Step 3: Legal Due Diligence & Technical Survey | Your lawyer conducts thorough legal due diligence, verifying property status and managing formalities. Simultaneously, a technical survey ensures structural integrity and identifies potential issues. Based on findings, your lawyer advises on proceeding and drafts the purchase contract.

Step 4: Private Purchase Contract | Collaborating with the seller’s lawyer, your attorney prepares the private purchase contract, detailing sale conditions and payment terms. A downpayment, ( usually 10% of the agreed purchase price )  including the earlier reservation deposit, is made upon signing, marking a binding agreement.

Step 5: Signing the Purchase Deed | Completion occurs at a notary public, where the purchase deed is finalized. Your lawyer oversees the process, ensuring accuracy before signing. Payment of the remaining purchase price is facilitated, typically via bankers draft or bank transfer.

Step 6: After Sales | Following completion, your lawyer handles tax declaration, title deed registration, and owner name changes. If absent, a power of attorney can authorize representation for these tasks.

In Conclusion Preparation and engaging reliable professionals are crucial for a successful purchase. Understanding associated costs and taxes beforehand mitigates surprises. Andalucia Country Houses  offers extensive experience and guidance throughout the process, aiming to make your property acquisition journey enjoyable and rewarding.
Please note that this guide provides general information. For personalized legal and fiscal advice, consulting a specialist is highly recommended to assess your personal situation. 

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