Selling your home? 4 reasons to appoint a 'good' estate agent
While there will always be some who choose to sell privately, most people would rather avoid the hassle and go the traditional route of using an experienced and reputable Estate Agency to sell their property.
Property - particularly the business of selling - is one such thing that is best left to the professionals.  
Selling a property comes with legal requirements, financial risks and emotional stress, and the most effective way to manage these things is to appoint a trusted property requirements, financial risks and emotional stress, and the most effective way to manage these things is to appoint a trusted property adviser to charter this particular ship for you.

The most important reasons for appointing an estate agent are around time, money, legislation and, of course, peace of mind.

1. Agents save you time
Managing the sale of property once every 10 years is very different from doing it every day, which is exactly what agents do. This means they’re able to work faster and more efficiently because they know the systems, the processes and the industry. They have the contacts, the know-how and the negotiation skills to make sure your property sells at the right price and as quickly as possible.

Many People seem to think that selling a property involves nothing more than listing it on a website and a few on line portals, but that is only the start of it.

The real work is liaising with potential buyers, setting up appointments, accompanying them on viewings, answering questions, preparing documentation, negotiating the price and much more. This is extremely time-consuming and can be rather daunting if this is unfamiliar territory for you.

2. Agents help you make more money

If your reason for wanting to sell your property yourself is to make money by saving on agent commissions, you are likely to be disappointed.

In fact, a trusted property adviser can actually achieve a higher selling price for you because they know how to negotiate and won’t leave money lying on the table, so to speak. This is because they have access to the resources and skills that ensure they price a property properly.

Research suggests, and there is much anecdotal evidence to support this, that properties that are properly priced sell faster and at a price very close to the desired asking price, than ones that are overpriced.

3. Agents deal with the paperwork on your behalf


Property transactions, because of the far-reaching financial and legal implications, are shrouded in paperwork.

Property advisers are very well versed in the ins, outs, loopholes and potential pitfalls of the financial and legal documentation, and their job is to guide you through it safely. A mistake or oversight on a signed property-related document or a contract could cost you thousands in the long run, which is another reason why it is better to have an expert by your side.

4. Agents ensure you can rest assured

Property is one of those industries where the agent only succeeds if the client succeeds. As such, it is in the best interest of the agent to ensure that not just the client, but all parties involved, are satisfied.

At the end of the day the agent has a professional reputation to uphold so it is always in his or her interest to give clients the best service in an effective, fair and transparent manner.


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